OMG! Going crazy looking for English sub for this one. I highly recommend this Japanese detective TV series. I started to watch it because I'm so in love with Narimiya Hiroki but then I found the series entertaining and educational as well (even without my beloved Narimiya as Kaito-kun) so I started with the first season. Now, I check the net everyday for subs..HELP!!! someone please sub all the episodes of all 15 seasons.....

The Pros and Cons of being an Arashi fan

1. If you are down, watch Arashi. They'll surely cheer you up.
2. If you are angry, watch Arashi. They'll surely make you forget your anger.
3. If you have no appetite to eat, watch Arashi ni Shiyagare. You know what I mean.
4. If you are bored, hurt, or have any negative feelings, have an Arashi-marathon. Your mind will be blown away.
5. If you feel embarrassed after a failure, watch Arashi documentaries and learn about how they overcame their challenges. You'll feel hopeful.
6. Your patience might increase as you wait for subtitles for their videos and you'll learn to be grateful to the subbers.
7. You will be inspired, challenged, and determined to learn Japanese so you can focus on their faces instead of reading the subtitles.
Therefore, whatever it is you're feeling, Arashi can always make it better. ^__^

1. All you'll keep thinking about is Arashi.
2. All you'll be talking about is Arashi. (Your friends or co-workers might even get annoyed with you since they don't know what/who you are talking about. Sigh...they're missing something special in their lives. ^^)
3. You'll be impatient at work or school as you want to go home and watch their videos.
4. You'll sacrifice your work or school work just for them...like now, instead of preparing for tomorrow's work, I have spent these few hours updating my journal...yet I don't feel guilty about it..hahaha)

But seriously, I have to prepare now.

See yah ^____^


Hi! You can call me Mae. So happy to know about livejournal cause I've been searching everywhere for Arashi videos. How could I become obsessed about them so late!!! I'm such a late bloomer.LOL. But it's never too late to be an ARASHI fan.

I have fallen in love with each member of Arashi---first, during the Hanadan series, of course, who wouldn't croon for Matsumoto-san. Then I watched Maou and fell deeply in love with Riida---Ohno-san, Nino-san for Gantz, Stand Up!, Door to door (and many more), and for Sho-san, definitely Quiz Show 2 and Kazuko Game. Aiba-san....what can I say, he's the one who finally got my heart ^__^ I love watching him in variety shows; I love his baka-yet-kawaii moments, his passion and energy...ahhh...everything about him.

Aside from Arashi, I like cats very much. I am a proud cat person though I like dogs too and furry animals in general.

I like anime and J-drama as well. Aside from Arashi, I like Kat-tun, Hey, Say, Jump!, Sekai no Owari, Ikuta Toma, Narimiya Hiroki, Fujiwara Tatsuya etc.

I also like Kpop (boys group only though LOL)

Well, just discovered how to change this entry today LOL so baka of me. Anyways, hope to post more in the future.

Nice to meet you all!